SoftBank says S&P's latest credit rating reduction "extremely regrettable" - World Finance Council

SoftBank says S&P’s latest credit rating reduction “extremely regrettable”


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SoftBank, the global conglomerate, has expressed strong disappointment and criticized S&P’s decision to lower its credit rating even deeper into junk territory. SoftBank’s management considers the downgrade as “extremely regrettable” and believes it fails to accurately reflect the company’s financial strength and resilience.

S&P, the renowned credit rating agency, downgraded SoftBank’s credit rating citing concerns over its debt levels and financial performance. However, SoftBank contends that the decision overlooks its significant investments and the positive impact they have on the company’s long-term growth prospects.

SoftBank’s management remains confident in its ability to navigate challenges and generate substantial value for its stakeholders. They believe that S&P’s downgrade does not properly consider the company’s strategic vision, diversified portfolio, and the potential of its investments.

In response to the downgrade, SoftBank has emphasized its commitment to maintaining a robust financial position and pursuing growth opportunities in key sectors. The company’s leadership aims to enhance transparency and communication with investors to address any concerns arising from the credit rating adjustment.

While the downgrade may present challenges, SoftBank remains focused on executing its long-term strategies and delivering value to its shareholders. The company will continue to pursue innovation and explore new avenues for growth, leveraging its strong foundation and global network.

SoftBank’s management hopes that future assessments by rating agencies will provide a more accurate reflection of the company’s financial health, taking into account its diverse portfolio and forward-looking approach. They remain committed to taking necessary measures to regain a favorable credit rating standing in the future.

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