TiiCKER's Fintech Milestone: AWS Accelerator

TiiCKER’s Latest Achievement: Selected for AWS Global Fintech Accelerator

TiiCKER fintech AWS Accelerator

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TiiCKER’s selection for this prestigious program is a testament to the company’s dedication to transforming the way individuals engage with their investments. The platform empowers investors to easily access valuable information and updates about the companies they own, bridging the gap between investors and the brands in their portfolios.


TiiCKER’s unique approach to investor engagement has garnered attention within the fintech community. By providing a direct channel of communication between publicly traded companies and their shareholders, TiiCKER not only enhances transparency but also offers investors exclusive perks and rewards from the brands they invest in.


Participating in the AWS Global Fintech Accelerator program will enable TiiCKER to strengthen its technical capabilities and infrastructure. Leveraging AWS’s robust cloud computing and data management tools, TiiCKER can further enhance its platform’s performance, scalability, and security.


Furthermore, the program provides TiiCKER with access to a network of industry experts and mentors who can offer guidance and insights to drive the company’s growth and innovation. This invaluable mentorship can help TiiCKER refine its strategy, improve user experiences, and identify new opportunities to serve the financial community.


TiiCKER’s CEO, Sam Sezak, expressed excitement about the opportunities that the AWS Global Fintech Accelerator presents: “We are honored to be part of this esteemed program. It will enable us to continue our mission of making investor relations accessible and meaningful. With AWS’s support, we can scale our platform, enhance our user experience, and provide more value to investors and companies alike.”


Investor relations and engagement are critical aspects of the financial industry, and TiiCKER’s platform is well-positioned to revolutionize these areas. This latest milestone of being selected for the AWS Global Fintech Accelerator aligns perfectly with TiiCKER’s vision of becoming a central hub for investor-company interactions.

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