About Fintech Conference – World Finance Council

Vision :

To achieve the highest level of world finance policies and functioning by engaging the public and private sectors.

Mission :

  • Engaging global finance leaders, policymakers, academicians and other finance professionals.
  • Providing valuable insights to every finance professional to sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Providing platforms and channels to exchange finance information

What is World Finance Council?

World Finance Council with its Fintech Conference 2023, Asia will bring together the Fintech Professionals, who are all looking to explore new ideas, make new contacts and find new solutions to the most difficult challenges for the finance Industry, including:

  • The Changing Landscape of the Finance Industry
  • Open Data and the Future of Financial Services
  • Regulation and RegTech: The Next Big Thing
  • InsurTech: Adaption of Disrupting Innovations in the Insurance Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning in Fintech

Join the industry experts in learning about the expansion of the financial world from small scale to wide scale over the years. Fintech Conference 2023, Asia is a two-day event with 2 (two) parallel sessions at the event with immersive discussions organized by World Finance Council (WFC) collating engaging and innovative solutions for the FinTech Industry by providing innovation, stimulation, thought leadership and relevancy to Industry Professionals.

Fintech Conference 2023, Asia offers a dynamic platform to its attendees for the ever-changing ecosystem by finding and honing their competitive edge through interactive sessions, networking platforms, Brand Exposure, thought leadership and engaging Knowledge Platform.

How we work?

Conferencing is a crucial part of the fintech industry and one of the only ways to stay up to date with the ever-quickening pace of technological change in the sector. We organize Fintech Conference. In close collaboration with civil society, members of the authority, governments, corporations, and global organizations, we research future just legislation and advise and support decision-makers in the particular implementation. 

Who Attends World Finance Council?

  • Founder, Co-Founder, Director, Vice president
  • C-Level Executives
  • Economic Forecaster & Financial Expert
  • Head of Finance Department
  • FinTech Expert
  • Mobile Banking Executives
  • Business Developments Manager and Retail Managers
  • Cyber-Security Experts
  • Financial Services Regulators
  • Heads/Directors of Banking and Financial Technology
  • Heads/Directors of Strategy and Risk
  • Heads/Directors of Product and Innovation
  • Heads/Directors of Technology and IT

Why Attend?

  • Knowledge and learning from industry veterans
  • Exposure, Promotion, Brand Visibility and Recognition for generating Business Prospects
  • Gather insights on the current and expected future shape of the Finance Industry
  • Build Strategic Alliances, with representatives from all over the world which includes Finance Representatives and Leaders from more than 50 countries
  • Network with peers facing similar day-to-day challenges and discover resolutions with the help of industry veterans
  • Strengthen your contacts with the service providers and the members of the Finance industry