Tilta Secures €30M to Revolutionize B2B Finance

Fintech Trailblazer Tilta Raises €30 Million to Tackle B2B Cash Flow Gap

Tilta Working capital gap

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Tilta’s Innovative Approach to B2B Transactions:


Tilta specializes in providing innovative financial solutions tailored to the needs of businesses engaged in B2B transactions. One of the primary challenges faced by companies in this sector is the working capital gap, which often results from the time lag between fulfilling orders and receiving payments. Tilta’s platform aims to bridge this gap effectively by offering flexible financing options that enable businesses to manage their cash flow efficiently.


The Significance of the €30 Million Funding Round:


The substantial €30 million funding round represents a significant vote of confidence from investors in Tilta’s mission to transform B2B transactions. These funds will play a pivotal role in scaling Tilta’s operations, developing cutting-edge financial technology, and expanding its market reach.


Key Features of Tilta’s Financial Solutions:


Working Capital Financing:


Tilta offers working capital financing solutions that allow businesses to access the capital they need to operate smoothly while awaiting payment from their customers. This service is designed to alleviate the financial strain caused by delayed payments.


Streamlined Processes:


Tilta leverages advanced technology to streamline and expedite the financing process, ensuring that businesses can access funds quickly and efficiently.


Customized Solutions:


Tilta understands that each business has unique financial requirements. Therefore, the platform provides customized financing solutions tailored to the specific needs of its clients.


Risk Mitigation:


Tilta employs sophisticated risk assessment models to minimize the risk associated with providing financing to businesses. This ensures a high level of security for both borrowers and investors.


Impact on the B2B Landscape:


Tilta’s success in securing €30 million in funding is a testament to the growing recognition of the importance of addressing the working capital gap in B2B transactions. As businesses worldwide grapple with cash flow challenges, particularly in the wake of economic uncertainties, fintech solutions like Tilta’s are becoming increasingly essential.


This funding round positions Tilta to expand its reach and make its innovative financial solutions accessible to a broader range of businesses, ultimately driving growth and stability within the B2B sector.

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