Singapore's QR Payments Revolution: Fave and MAS

Fintech Fave and MAS Team Up to Revolutionize QR Payments in Singapore

Fintech Fave and MAS QR Payments Collaboration

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The partnership between Fave and MAS aims to address this issue by creating a system that allows users to make QR payments across different platforms seamlessly. The ultimate goal is to make QR payments more user-friendly and widely accepted, providing a unified experience for consumers.


This PoC project builds on the existing efforts of both Fave and MAS to promote digital payments and fintech innovation in Singapore. Fave, a homegrown fintech success story, has been a pioneer in the mobile payments and loyalty solutions space. By joining forces with MAS, the central bank and financial regulator of Singapore, the company is contributing to the nation’s vision of becoming a smart financial center and a hub for fintech innovation.


The project is expected to leverage Singapore’s Network for Electronic Transfers (NETS) and SGQR specifications to facilitate interoperable QR payments. This means that users will be able to make payments at any merchant, whether they are using Fave, NETS, or any other participating payment provider’s app, all through a single QR code.


The benefits of such interoperability are substantial. Consumers will enjoy greater flexibility and convenience, while businesses can reduce the complexity of managing multiple payment options. This simplification can potentially drive wider adoption of digital payments, which aligns with Singapore’s ambition to become a cashless society.


Furthermore, the collaboration between a fintech leader like Fave and a financial authority like MAS highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in advancing the fintech ecosystem. It underscores the role of regulators in fostering innovation while ensuring the safety and security of financial transactions.


This partnership also emphasizes the growing role of Singapore as a global fintech hub. The city-state has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering fintech innovation and has implemented various initiatives to attract and support fintech companies. This PoC project with Fave is a testament to Singapore’s dedication to maintaining its position as a leader in the fintech landscape.

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