Thomas H. Lee Partners Appoints Fintech Veteran Mark Forbis

Fintech Expert Mark Forbis Joins Thomas H. Lee Partners as Executive Partner

Thomas H. Lee Partners Mark Forbis Executive Partner

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As the fintech sector continues to redefine traditional financial services and disrupt established models, Thomas H. Lee Partners recognizes the need to have an accomplished fintech professional at the helm to guide their investments and strategies. Fintech has not only revolutionized the way financial transactions occur but has also opened up new avenues for financial inclusion and innovation.


Mark Forbis’s role as Executive Partner is expected to encompass a wide range of responsibilities, including advising on investment opportunities in fintech companies, leveraging his network and knowledge to identify emerging trends, and working closely with portfolio companies to drive value and growth.


The appointment of an executive partner with fintech expertise is a strategic response to the increasing demand for fintech-driven solutions in the investment landscape. The deep understanding of fintech that Mark Forbis brings to the table is a valuable asset for Thomas H. Lee Partners as they seek to identify and support promising fintech startups and scale-ups.


Furthermore, this move aligns with the broader industry trend of private equity firms recognizing the transformative potential of fintech and digital financial services. It underscores the belief that partnerships between established financial institutions and fintech leaders are pivotal in driving financial innovation and meeting evolving customer expectations.


Mark Forbis’s appointment reflects a significant investment in fintech, positioning Thomas H. Lee Partners to make informed and strategic decisions in an industry where speed and adaptability are critical. The growing emphasis on digital transformation and the increased reliance on fintech solutions make this a timely and forward-looking move for the firm.

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