Fintech Events in North America Q3 2023

Exciting Fintech Gatherings Unfolding Across North America in Q3 2023

Q3 2023: Fintech Pulse Across North America

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The third quarter of 2023 is set to be a bustling period for the fintech industry in North America. A series of top-notch events are on the horizon, offering a unique platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and showcasing innovative technologies. Here’s a curated list of the most anticipated fintech events that will be taking place across North America during this dynamic quarter.


  1. FintechFusion Summit – New York City, NY: Kicking off the quarter is the FintechFusion Summit in the heart of NYC. Industry leaders and innovators will converge to explore emerging trends and strategies shaping the fintech landscape.
  2. TechFinance Connect – San Francisco, CA: TechFinance Connect brings together tech and financial professionals to delve into the convergence of technology and finance, discussing cutting-edge solutions driving industry transformation.
  3. PaymentsPalooza – Toronto, Canada: Toronto hosts PaymentsPalooza, where experts dive into the evolving world of digital payments, blockchain, and secure financial transactions.
  4. InsurTech Exchange – Chicago, IL: InsurTech Exchange gathers insurance and technology experts to discuss the disruptive impact of technology on the insurance sector and the changing customer experience.
  5. Blockchain Frontier Symposium – Seattle, WA: Exploring the frontier of blockchain innovation, this symposium in Seattle showcases the latest advancements, trends, and real-world applications of blockchain technology.
  6. Fintech Forum & Expo – Miami, FL: Miami becomes the hub for the Fintech Forum & Expo, spotlighting Latin American fintech growth and fostering connections between local and global players.
  7. Digital Banking Forum – Boston, MA: The Digital Banking Forum in Boston focuses on the evolving digital banking landscape, customer-centric strategies, and the integration of AI and automation.
  8. WealthTech Uncovered – Los Angeles, CA: WealthTech Uncovered brings wealth management professionals together to explore technology-driven solutions for enhanced client experiences and investment strategies.
  9. RegTech Summit – Washington, D.C.: Addressing regulatory challenges, the RegTech Summit in the nation’s capital gathers compliance and technology experts to navigate the complex regulatory environment.
  10. AI in Finance Symposium – Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver hosts a symposium centered around AI’s transformative role in financial services, showcasing AI-powered innovations in trading, risk assessment, and fraud prevention.
  11. LendTech Summit – Austin, TX: The LendTech Summit in Austin focuses on the intersection of lending and technology, discussing digital lending platforms, alternative credit scoring, and lending-as-a-service models.
  12. CryptoEconomy Expo – New Orleans, LA: Exploring the ever-evolving crypto landscape, the CryptoEconomy Expo in New Orleans highlights decentralized finance, NFTs, and the future of digital assets.
  13. Mobile Money Symposium – San Diego, CA: The Mobile Money Symposium gathers experts to discuss mobile payment solutions, digital wallets, and the role of smartphones in reshaping financial transactions.
  14. Fintech Diversity & Inclusion Forum – Toronto, Canada: Promoting diversity and inclusion in fintech, this forum in Toronto addresses the importance of equitable representation in leadership and innovation.
  15. Sustainable Finance Summit – Seattle, WA: Focusing on responsible finance, the Sustainable Finance Summit convenes thought leaders to explore the integration of sustainability into investment strategies and fintech solutions.
  16. Future of Banking Conference – New York City, NY: The Future of Banking Conference examines the evolving role of banks in the digital age, open banking initiatives, and the rise of neobanks.
  17. Cybersecurity in Financial Services Symposium – Chicago, IL: Concluding the quarter, the Cybersecurity in Financial Services Symposium in Chicago tackles the critical aspects of safeguarding financial institutions against cyber threats and data breaches.

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