Yoti and Modak collaborate to provide the most secure finance platform for teenagers. - World Finance Council

Yoti and Modak collaborate to provide the most secure finance platform for teenagers.

Yoti Modak Collaboration

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In a groundbreaking partnership, Modak, a leading fintech company, joins forces with Yoti, a trusted digital identity provider, to develop an innovative and secure fintech platform exclusively designed for teenagers. This collaboration aims to empower young individuals with a safe and reliable financial ecosystem, fostering responsible money management and introducing them to the world of digital transactions.

Modak’s partnership with Yoti brings together their expertise in fintech and digital identity verification to create a unique platform that addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by teenagers in their financial journey. With enhanced security measures and age-appropriate features, this fintech platform ensures a protected environment for young users to learn, save, and transact with confidence.

By leveraging Yoti’s advanced digital identity solutions, Modak establishes robust user verification processes, safeguarding against fraudulent activities and unauthorized access. This ensures that only legitimate users with verified identities can access and utilize the platform’s features, reinforcing trust and security.

The platform offers a range of user-friendly tools and resources that educate teenagers about financial literacy, budgeting, and responsible spending. It facilitates seamless transactions, allowing teens to make purchases, receive allowances, and track their expenses conveniently through their smartphones.

With privacy and data protection at the forefront, Modak and Yoti prioritize the confidentiality of users’ personal information. Stringent security protocols and encryption measures are implemented to safeguard sensitive data, fostering a trustworthy environment for teens and their families.


  • “The collaboration between Modak and Yoti underscores the importance of providing teenagers with a secure fintech platform that equips them with essential financial skills while ensuring their safety in an increasingly digital world.
  • “By combining Modak’s fintech expertise with Yoti’s digital identity solutions, this partnership introduces a comprehensive financial ecosystem tailored to teenagers’ unique needs, promoting financial responsibility and independence.”

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