Visa and M2P Revolutionize Fintech Issuance

Visa Joins Forces with M2P to Enable Seamless End to End Fintech Issuance through Visa Ready to Launch Program

Visa & M2P Partner Fintech Issuance

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Empowering Fintech Innovation


The partnership between Visa and M2P signals a significant step forward in fostering fintech innovation. By harnessing Visa’s extensive global network, expertise, and commitment to digital payment solutions, along with M2P’s cutting-edge technology, this collaboration aims to empower fintech companies with the tools and resources needed to streamline their issuance processes.


Seamless End-to-End Issuance


Visa Ready to Launch is a renowned program that equips fintechs with the necessary tools and support to fast-track the issuance of Visa payment solutions. This strategic partnership with M2P will enhance the program’s capabilities, providing fintechs with a seamless end-to-end issuance experience.


Fintech companies joining the program will gain access to a comprehensive suite of solutions, including card production, personalization, and distribution services. This will enable them to efficiently bring innovative payment products to market, thereby accelerating their growth and market reach.


Global Impact and Accessibility


The collaboration between Visa and M2P is not limited by geographic boundaries. Fintech companies across the globe will benefit from this partnership, as it offers a pathway to swiftly develop and deploy Visa-powered payment solutions in their respective markets.


By simplifying the issuance process, Visa and M2P are poised to facilitate the creation of diverse and customer-centric payment products that cater to the evolving needs of consumers and businesses worldwide.


Nurturing Fintech Ecosystems


This strategic alliance underscores Visa’s commitment to nurturing fintech ecosystems and fostering innovation in the financial industry. By providing fintechs with the tools and support they need, Visa is actively contributing to the growth of an inclusive and dynamic digital payments landscape.


M2P’s fintech expertise and technological solutions complement Visa’s vision, making this partnership a formidable force in enabling fintech companies to thrive in an increasingly digital and competitive market.

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