€30M Fundraise: Upvest and BlackRock Join Forces

Upvest’s Game Changing Partnership with BlackRock Secures €30 Million for Digital Investment Revolution

Upvest & BlackRock Secures €30 M Digital Investment

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The collaboration with BlackRock, one of the world’s most influential asset management companies, underscores Upvest’s dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to create innovative financial solutions. BlackRock’s involvement in this partnership speaks volumes about its recognition of Upvest’s potential and the growing importance of digital investment platforms in the modern financial ecosystem.


Upvest has been gaining attention for its platform, which simplifies the process of investing in digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and tokenized securities. The company’s innovative approach provides investors with a user-friendly and secure environment to access and manage their digital assets, making it easier for both institutional and individual investors to participate in this burgeoning space.


The €30 million fundraise is a testament to the market’s confidence in Upvest’s mission and capabilities. The funds will be instrumental in further developing the company’s technology infrastructure, expanding its range of investment products, and strengthening its market presence. The financing will allow Upvest to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation, opening doors for a broader audience of investors to participate in the digital asset space.


The collaboration with BlackRock, on the other hand, represents a significant leap for Upvest. BlackRock’s extensive experience in asset management, deep industry knowledge, and global reach bring a wealth of resources and insights to the partnership. This collaboration has the potential to accelerate Upvest’s growth and enhance its capacity to deliver exceptional investment solutions, ultimately benefiting investors in the digital asset space.


The investment landscape is rapidly evolving, with digital assets playing an increasingly prominent role. The surge in interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets has brought the importance of reliable and user-friendly investment platforms to the forefront. Upvest’s mission is aligned with this trend, and the company is poised to seize the opportunity by providing a comprehensive and secure ecosystem for digital asset investing.

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