UK Fintech Cygnetise Secures £2.5M for Blockchain Solution

UK Fintech Cygnetise Secures £2.5 Million Investment for Blockchain Based Signatory Management Solution

UK fintech Cygnetise secures £2.5 M for Blockchain

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This £2.5 million investment round was spearheaded by esteemed venture capital firms renowned for their unwavering commitment to fostering fintech innovation. The capital injection is earmarked to accelerate Cygnetise’s market penetration, drive relentless product development, and fortify its research and development endeavors, all aimed at continuously elevating their blockchain technology.


Mark Johnson, the CEO and Co-founder of Cygnetise, enthusiastically expressed, “Securing this substantial funding represents an exhilarating milestone for Cygnetise. We are genuinely thrilled to have the support of these visionary investors who wholeheartedly recognize the transformative potential of our blockchain-based signatory management platform. With this capital injection, we are strategically poised to accelerate our growth trajectory and continue providing our clients with the most advanced solutions for securely and efficiently managing their signatories.”


Cygnetise’s comprehensive platform boasts an array of powerful features, including digital signatures, real-time updates, and robust audit trails, all underpinned by the resilience and transparency of blockchain technology. This not only guarantees the authenticity of signatories but also empowers organizations to mitigate the risks of fraud, errors, and regulatory compliance issues.


In recent years, Cygnetise has enjoyed a meteoric rise, rapidly expanding its client base to encompass both domestic and international organizations. Its groundbreaking approach to signatory management has not gone unnoticed, earning the company numerous accolades and accolades from the discerning fintech community.


Sarah Turner, Managing Partner at the prominent venture capital firm that spearheaded the funding round, remarked, “We are genuinely excited about Cygnetise’s potential to disrupt conventional signatory management practices. Their blockchain-based solution offers not only heightened security and transparency but also a streamlined operational framework for businesses spanning diverse sectors. We wholeheartedly believe in their vision and are deeply committed to supporting them throughout their transformative journey.”

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