NOW Money Secures Funding for UAE Remittance Revolution

UAE Fintech NOW Money Secures Funding to Transform Remittance Services

UAE Fintech NOW Money Secures Remittance Services

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NOW Money’s platform offers a digital alternative to traditional remittance services by providing a cost-effective and user-friendly way for expatriates and low-income workers to send money to their home countries. By leveraging mobile technology and digital banking, NOW Money simplifies the process, reduces fees, and provides a transparent and secure channel for financial transactions.


The fintech company also prioritizes financial inclusion by providing access to banking and other financial services for individuals who have been traditionally underserved by traditional banking institutions. NOW Money’s services include not only remittances but also digital accounts and payment options, which can empower users with greater control over their finances.


By targeting the needs of low-income workers, who often lack access to affordable financial services, NOW Money is not only addressing a significant social concern but also contributing to economic development by facilitating the efficient flow of remittances. The company’s unique approach resonates with investors who see the potential for substantial social impact and financial growth in the region.


NOW Money’s successful funding round also comes at a time when the UAE government is actively encouraging fintech innovation and digital transformation. Regulatory initiatives and supportive policies have created a conducive environment for fintech startups to thrive and collaborate with traditional financial institutions. This alignment with the government’s vision positions NOW Money for substantial growth and collaboration opportunities.


The company’s leadership is enthusiastic about the recent funding and its implications for the future. Katharine Budd, CEO and Co-Founder of NOW Money, expressed her gratitude and optimism, stating, “We are thrilled to have secured this investment, which will be instrumental in furthering our mission to provide accessible, affordable, and essential financial services to those who need them the most.”

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