Tink Expands Partnership with An Post

Tink Broadens Collaboration with Ireland’s Postal Services Provider, An Post

Tink Expands Partnership with An Post

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Tink, a leading player in the financial technology sector, has taken a substantial step forward by deepening its ties with An Post. The Irish postal services provider, renowned for its wide-ranging and reliable services, has become an even more integral part of Tink’s network.


This expanded partnership holds great promise for both entities. By leveraging An Post’s extensive reach and established reputation, Tink aims to enhance its service offerings and broaden its presence in Ireland. With Tink’s expertise in cutting-edge financial technology solutions, this collaboration is primed to bring about innovative advancements in the intersection of technology and postal services.


The renewed commitment between Tink and An Post underscores the mutual benefits each party brings to the table. Tink’s proficiency in creating seamless financial experiences aligns perfectly with An Post’s commitment to delivering excellence. This synergy sets the stage for a partnership that will not only elevate the capabilities of both companies but also contribute to the overall progress of the financial technology landscape in Ireland.


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