Till Financial Partners with Astra for Instant Transfers

Till Financial Teams Up with Astra for Instant Kid Friendly Banking

Till Financial's Kid-Friendly Banking with Astra

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One of the key features of this partnership is the integration of Astra’s instant transfer capabilities into Till’s platform. This will enable young users to make instantaneous transfers between their Till accounts, facilitating quick and hassle-free money movement. Whether it’s transferring money from a savings account to a spending account or sending funds to a friend, Astra’s technology ensures that these transactions happen in real-time, just like more traditional banking services.


Astra’s account funding capabilities also play a pivotal role in improving Till’s product offering. With this integration, parents can effortlessly fund their child’s Till account, ensuring that there are sufficient funds available for allowances, savings goals, or spending activities. The ease of account funding not only simplifies the financial management process for parents but also empowers kids and teens to access and use their accounts more conveniently.


Security and compliance are paramount when it comes to financial services, especially when dealing with accounts for young users. Both Till Financial and Astra are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and adhering to regulatory standards. The partnership ensures that all transactions and account information are protected, giving parents peace of mind as they introduce their children to the world of banking.


The collaboration between Till Financial and Astra signifies a significant advancement in the realm of financial technology for kids and teens. By combining Till’s educational and child-friendly banking products with Astra’s instant transfer and account funding capabilities, the partnership offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for young users and their parents.

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