Stash Raises $40 Million and Appoints Amy Butte as Audit Chair

Stash Scores Big with $40 Million Funding Boost and Governance Powerhouse Amy Butte

Stash Gains $40M and Amy Butte as Audit Chair

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In addition to securing this significant funding, Stash is strengthening its governance and accountability by appointing Amy Butte as the Independent Audit Chair of its Board of Directors. Amy Butte is a seasoned financial executive with extensive experience in risk management, financial control, and audit. Her background includes senior roles at prominent financial institutions, making her a valuable addition to Stash’s leadership team.


The appointment of Amy Butte in this key role underscores Stash’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, compliance, and financial stewardship. As Independent Audit Chair, Butte will play a pivotal role in overseeing the company’s financial reporting processes, internal controls, and audit functions, ensuring that Stash continues to operate with the utmost integrity.


Stash’s CEO, Brandon Krieg, expressed his enthusiasm for Amy Butte joining the company, highlighting her impressive track record in financial services and her deep understanding of risk management. He believes that her appointment will contribute to Stash’s commitment to building trust and safeguarding the interests of its users.


Amy Butte’s appointment as Independent Audit Chair aligns with a broader trend in the fintech industry, where companies are taking proactive steps to enhance their governance and risk management functions. In a rapidly evolving and highly regulated financial landscape, such measures are essential to maintain the trust and confidence of users and investors.


Stash, founded in 2015, has rapidly grown to become a significant player in the US fintech sector. Its user-friendly platform and mission to empower individuals to take control of their finances have resonated with a wide and diverse audience. With the additional $40 million in funding and the appointment of Amy Butte, Stash is poised to continue its upward trajectory and make a lasting impact on the financial well-being of its users.

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