Sharesies & BlinkPay: Transforming NZ Finance

Sharesies and Māori FinTech BlinkPay Join Forces to Revolutionize New Zealand’s Financial Landscape with Open Banking Service

Sharesies Māori FinTech Open Banking in NZ

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BlinkPay, a forward-thinking Māori FinTech startup, has earned acclaim for its commitment to empowering communities through cutting-edge financial technology solutions. Their core principles of inclusivity and financial education closely align with Sharesies’ mission to make finance accessible to everyone. This partnership represents a dynamic fusion of values and expertise, with the goal of creating a more inclusive and diverse financial ecosystem.


At the heart of this groundbreaking collaboration lies the objective of introducing open banking services that empower consumers by giving them greater control over their financial data and transactions. Open banking is a transformative paradigm shift within the financial industry, enabling individuals to securely share their financial information with authorized third-party providers. This fosters competition, innovation, and unparalleled convenience.


Through the collaborative efforts of Sharesies and BlinkPay, New Zealanders can anticipate a myriad of open banking services that include enhanced financial data sharing, streamlined payment processes, and improved access to an array of financial products. The synergy between these two innovative entities will facilitate the development of cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the New Zealand market.


Beyond its immediate benefits to consumers, the Sharesies-BlinkPay partnership holds the potential to impact the broader financial ecosystem positively. By promoting competition and innovation, this collaboration may drive down costs, enhance transparency, and broaden the availability of financial services, ultimately benefiting all New Zealanders.

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