Qatari Fintech TESS Payments Joins Microsoft For Startups Hub

Qatari Fintech TESS Payments: A Proud Addition to Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub

Qatari Fintech TESS Payments Joins Microsoft's Startup

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TESS Payments: A Rising Star in Fintech


TESS Payments has rapidly emerged as a key player in Qatar’s fintech landscape, offering a range of innovative financial solutions and services. The company’s platform is designed to facilitate digital payments and streamline financial transactions. With a strong commitment to security and efficiency, TESS Payments has been at the forefront of the digital transformation sweeping the financial industry in Qatar.


Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub: Nurturing Innovation


Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub is a renowned program that is dedicated to supporting and nurturing early-stage startups. It provides a host of resources, including technical support, mentorship, and access to Microsoft’s extensive network and technology stack. The goal is to empower startups to scale and succeed in an increasingly competitive and technology-driven business landscape.


The Significance of the Partnership:


The partnership between TESS Payments and Microsoft For Startups Founders Hub carries profound significance on multiple fronts:


Recognition of Qatar’s Fintech Prowess:


TESS Payments’ inclusion in the Founders Hub demonstrates the increasing recognition of Qatar’s fintech industry on the global stage. It reflects the maturity and capabilities of the country’s fintech sector.


Access to Global Resources:


Through this partnership, TESS Payments gains access to Microsoft’s global network of resources and expertise. This includes technical support, cloud infrastructure, and mentorship opportunities. Such access can be transformative for an early-stage fintech company.


Fostering Innovation:


The partnership underscores Microsoft’s commitment to fostering innovation in the fintech space. As fintech continues to reshape the financial industry, supporting startups like TESS Payments is an investment in the future of finance.


Accelerated Growth:


TESS Payments is poised for accelerated growth with the backing of Microsoft’s resources and expertise. This partnership will enable the fintech company to enhance its services, expand its reach, and introduce new offerings to the market.

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