Fintech Growth in Developing Markets: Insights & Plans

People Interested in Fintech Talk in Developing Countries at AFTC Meeting

Experts Prepare to Talk Fintech in Developing Markets at AFTC

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A bunch of folks who care about fintech (that’s technology used in money stuff) are getting together to chat. But these aren’t just any people – they’re the important ones involved in the topic. They’re coming together for a meeting called AFTC.


The goal is to talk about how fintech is growing in countries that are still developing. These places might not have all the fancy financial systems that rich countries do. The people at this meeting want to figure out how to make fintech work better in these areas.


Imagine being able to do banking and money stuff on your phone, even if you live in a place where banks aren’t common. That’s what they want to make happen. They’re planning to talk about the challenges and opportunities of bringing these cool money technologies to people in these countries.


So, this AFTC meeting is like a big brainstorming session. People from different places will share their ideas and make plans for the future. They’ll talk about how to help fintech grow in developing countries. It’s all about making money-related things easier and more accessible for everyone, no matter where they live.

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