Medius Empowers US Payment Strategy with Craig Keller

Medius Appoints Craig Keller to Lead Payment Strategy Innovation in the US

Medius Appoints Craig Keller as US VP

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Medius is known for its cutting-edge AP automation solutions, which streamline invoice processing, enhance financial visibility, and improve supplier relationships. The addition of Craig Keller to the team is set to bolster the company’s capabilities in providing comprehensive payment strategies, enabling businesses to optimize their payment processes and financial operations further.


The role of the US Vice President of Payment Strategy is crucial in a time when businesses are looking to adapt and modernize their payment operations. The landscape of payments is undergoing significant changes, with advancements in digital payment methods, increased security requirements, and the need for greater transparency in financial transactions. Medius recognizes these shifts and is determined to be at the forefront of offering solutions that address these challenges.


Craig Keller’s appointment is expected to contribute significantly to Medius’s payment strategy development. His extensive knowledge of the US payment ecosystem, combined with his understanding of emerging technologies and security measures, positions him as a key asset in shaping Medius’s approach to payments.


Medius’s emphasis on payment strategy is not only about optimizing payment processes but also about fostering greater financial control for businesses. Effective payment strategies are integral to managing cash flow, reducing costs, and maintaining healthy supplier relationships. With Keller’s leadership, Medius aims to provide businesses with tailored payment strategies that align with their specific needs and industry requirements.


The company’s commitment to delivering innovative AP automation solutions is highlighted by its investment in top talent like Craig Keller. The need for secure and efficient payment solutions is critical, and Medius is poised to meet these demands through its ever-evolving portfolio of payment strategy offerings.

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