ING Sells 85% Stake in Cobase to Alpha Group

ING Shakes Up Fintech Scene: Cobase Stake Sold to Alpha Group

ING Fintech Cobase Alpha Group

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The decision to divest an 85% stake in Cobase to the Alpha Group is a strategic inflection point in the journey of this fintech spin-off. Alpha Group, a distinguished entity renowned for its prowess in finance and technology, has demonstrated a keen understanding of the untapped potential and inherent value that Cobase brings to the table.


This strategic move underscores ING’s commitment to shaping the future of banking through fintech collaboration. It allows ING to retain a strategic stake in the fintech realm while leveraging the expertise, resources, and extensive network of Alpha Group to propel Cobase’s growth, development, and global expansion.


The partnership between ING and Alpha Group is poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities for Cobase, enabling the fintech entity to expand its geographical footprint and enhance its already impressive suite of offerings. With Alpha Group’s substantial backing, Cobase intends to accelerate its pace of innovation, pioneering new solutions that further simplify financial operations for businesses across diverse industries.


ING’s strategic decision to divest a majority stake in Cobase underscores the dynamism of the fintech sector, where collaboration and strategic alliances are increasingly shaping the industry’s landscape. This move is a resounding testament to ING’s agility and adaptability, positioning itself as a proactive participant in an ever-evolving financial environment.


It’s important to note that the successful execution of this transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions. However, once finalized, this partnership will stand as a watershed moment in the ongoing evolution of both the fintech and traditional banking sectors. As the alliance between ING and Alpha Group takes root and matures, the global financial community will be closely observing how this collaboration redefines and transforms the fintech ecosystem, ultimately enhancing financial services for businesses across the spectrum.

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