IFC & Amartha: Empowering Indonesian Women Entrepreneurs

IFC Collaborates with Amartha Indonesia’s Leading FinTech Platform to Empower Women-Owned Micro-Enterprises

IFC Amartha Women entrepreneurs Indonesia

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Amartha: Pioneering Financial Inclusion


Amartha, a trailblazer in the Indonesian FinTech space, has been at the forefront of driving financial inclusion in the country. The company specializes in providing microloans to women entrepreneurs and micro-business owners in remote and underserved areas. Through its innovative platform, Amartha has successfully connected investors with these micro-entrepreneurs, creating a robust ecosystem that fosters economic growth at the grassroots level.


Amartha’s mission aligns perfectly with IFC’s commitment to advancing financial inclusion, particularly for women and underserved communities. By partnering with Amartha, IFC aims to leverage the platform’s reach and expertise to amplify its impact across Indonesia.


IFC’s Expertise in Empowering Women


IFC, with its global experience and extensive network, has a proven track record of supporting women entrepreneurs and women-owned businesses worldwide. The organization recognizes that empowering women economically not only benefits individuals and families but also contributes to broader economic growth and stability.


Key Highlights of the Partnership


Access to Finance:

Women-owned micro-enterprises in Indonesia will gain increased access to much-needed financing through Amartha’s platform, enabling them to expand and stabilize their businesses.


Capacity Building:

IFC will provide technical assistance and support to Amartha, enhancing its ability to serve the needs of women entrepreneurs more effectively.


Impact at Scale:

The partnership aims to significantly scale up Amartha’s operations, reaching more underserved communities and catalyzing economic growth in remote areas.


Gender Equality:

By focusing on women-owned businesses, the partnership contributes directly to advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in Indonesia.



Collaboratively, IFC and Amartha will explore innovative financial solutions and technologies to make financial services more accessible and user-friendly for women micro-entrepreneurs.


A Vision of Empowerment


The collaboration between IFC and Amartha represents a shared vision of empowerment and inclusion. By combining the financial expertise of Amartha with the global reach and resources of IFC, this partnership is poised to make a profound impact on women-owned micro-enterprises in Indonesia.

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