Faster Gig Worker Payouts in Canada and the UK

i2c and Payfare Team Up to Supercharge Gig Worker Payouts in Canada and the UK

i2c and Payfare Partnership for Gig Worker Payouts

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The expanded partnership will allow Payfare to leverage i2c’s global payment processing capabilities to provide even faster payouts for gig workers in Canada and the UK. By streamlining the payment process, gig workers can access their earnings quickly, improving their financial liquidity and helping them better manage their finances.


The significance of this partnership lies in its ability to address the often unpredictable income cycles of gig workers. Gig economy professionals, such as delivery drivers, freelancers, and temporary workers, typically have irregular income streams. Quick and convenient access to their earnings can help them avoid financial stress and better plan for their expenses.


Furthermore, the partnership aims to enhance the financial well-being of gig workers by offering budgeting tools and other financial services that cater to their specific needs. These tools can assist gig workers in effectively managing their earnings, saving for the future, and achieving their financial goals.


The flexibility of i2c’s technology also enables Payfare to customize its solutions to meet the regulatory requirements and consumer preferences in both the Canadian and UK markets. This adaptability is crucial in a rapidly evolving financial services landscape, where compliance and consumer expectations play a pivotal role in the success of fintech companies.


For i2c, this expanded partnership with Payfare reinforces its commitment to driving innovation in digital payments and banking technology. The gig economy is just one segment of the workforce that is rapidly evolving and adapting to the digital age. i2c’s versatile platform and its collaboration with Payfare demonstrate how technology can be harnessed to create solutions that cater to the evolving financial needs of various industry sectors.

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