Hitachi Payment Services Accelerator Unleashes HPX

Hitachi Payment Services Launches HPX: Fintech Startup Innovation Takes Center Stage

Hitachi Payment Services's HPX for Fintech Innovation

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HPX, which stands for “Hitachi Payment Services Accelerator,” is an accelerator program that aims to identify, mentor, and accelerate promising fintech startups. Through this initiative, Hitachi Payment Services is offering a platform for startups to tap into the extensive expertise and resources of the Hitachi Group, a global leader in technology, to drive their innovations to the next level.

The program provides selected fintech startups with various resources and support, including mentorship, access to Hitachi’s extensive network, and the opportunity to collaborate with experts in the field. It also includes financial support in the form of investment or grants to help these startups scale and expand their operations. This combination of mentorship, resources, and financial backing creates a nurturing environment for the growth of fintech innovations.


HPX is open to startups working on a wide range of fintech solutions, such as digital payments, blockchain applications, regtech (regulatory technology), insurtech (insurance technology), and more. This inclusivity ensures that a diverse array of fintech startups can participate and benefit from the program.


Hitachi Payment Services’ decision to launch HPX aligns with the broader trends in the fintech industry, where established companies are increasingly looking to collaborate with startups to stay at the forefront of innovation. These partnerships offer established companies the agility and fresh ideas of startups, while startups gain access to the resources and market presence of established players.


Furthermore, HPX reflects the recognition that fintech innovation is not confined to a specific geographic location. It’s a global phenomenon with startups emerging from various corners of the world. HPX’s global approach enables Hitachi Payment Services to tap into innovations from around the globe and potentially identify groundbreaking solutions to address financial challenges in different markets.

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