GoLogiq's Big Move: Fram Venture 7 & DragonLend Acquisition

GoLogiq’s Thrilling Bid: Acquiring a Swedish Company and Vietnamese Lending Platform!

GoLogiq's Ambitious Move: Acquiring Fram Venture 7 and DragonLend

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GoLogiq, a company that helps with various things, is planning to do something really interesting. They want to buy a company called Fram Venture 7, which is from Sweden. But that’s not all – they also want to get their hands on something called DragonLend. This DragonLend thing is like a special platform from Vietnam that helps small businesses borrow money.


Imagine if you wanted to start a small business, like a bakery or a shop. Sometimes, you might need some extra money to help your business grow. That’s where DragonLend comes in. It’s like a friend that lends money to these small businesses so they can do even better.


And guess what? GoLogiq thinks both Fram Venture 7 and DragonLend are really cool and can help them do even better business. So, they’re making plans to bring both of these things into their own company.


This is a big step for GoLogiq, and it’s really interesting to see how this will all work out. Buying companies and special platforms like DragonLend can be a bit tricky, but it looks like GoLogiq is ready for the challenge.

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