Asia's Insurtech Accelerator: FWD & 1337 Ventures

FWD and 1337 Ventures Unveil Groundbreaking Insurtech Accelerator for Asia

Asia-Focused Insurtech Accelerator Launched by FWD and 1337 Ventures

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In a pioneering collaboration, FWD Group and 1337 Ventures have joined forces to inaugurate a cutting-edge insurtech accelerator focused on revolutionizing the insurance landscape in Asia. With a bold vision to catalyze innovation and promote entrepreneurship, the accelerator seeks to foster a vibrant ecosystem of startups reimagining insurance solutions for the digital era.


The strategic partnership between FWD Group, a leading pan-Asian insurer renowned for its customer-centric approach, and 1337 Ventures, a prominent technology accelerator and early-stage investor, has set the stage for the establishment of this groundbreaking initiative.


The insurtech accelerator aspires to become a breeding ground for visionary entrepreneurs, encouraging them to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and data analytics to create groundbreaking insurance products and services. By providing expert mentorship, state-of-the-art resources, and access to FWD’s extensive network, the accelerator aims to bolster the growth and development of selected startups.


Asian markets present a wealth of untapped potential for insurtech innovations, and the FWD-1337 Ventures accelerator aims to tap into this vast opportunity. By fostering a supportive environment for aspiring insurtech startups to thrive, the program seeks to address the region’s unique challenges while capitalizing on its immense growth potential.


“We are thrilled to launch this groundbreaking accelerator in collaboration with 1337 Ventures,” said the spokesperson from FWD Group. “By combining FWD’s deep expertise in insurance with 1337 Ventures’ proven track record of nurturing startups, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to disrupt the insurance industry and transform the way insurance products and services are perceived and delivered in the Asian market.”


Startups admitted to the program can look forward to an intensive and immersive experience, including hands-on guidance from industry experts, tailored workshops, and valuable networking opportunities. Additionally, they will gain invaluable insights from FWD’s vast industry knowledge and experience, enabling them to shape their products and business models for maximum impact.


“For years, 1337 Ventures has been championing technological innovation and nurturing disruptive startups across various sectors. Now, we are excited to extend our focus to the insurance industry alongside FWD Group,” said the co-founder of 1337 Ventures. “By fostering a collaborative environment that brings together startups and industry leaders, we are confident that this accelerator will propel the insurtech ecosystem in Asia to greater heights.”


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