Fintech.TV Taps John F. Carter for Inclusion Program

Fintech.TV Appoints John F. Carter to Spearhead Strategic Initiatives and Host New TV Show on Equity and Inclusion

Fintech.TV Appoints John F. Carter

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Carter’s role entails steering the platform’s strategic direction and amplifying discussions on equity and inclusion through his TV show. The program aims to underscore the significance of diversity in various domains, including the realm of finance and technology.


The appointment of Carter and the launch of this TV show exemplify Fintech.TV’s dedication to exploring the multifaceted impact of equity and inclusion. By providing a platform for such discussions, Fintech.TV seeks to contribute to broader conversations about diversity’s role in shaping modern industries.


As Carter takes on this pivotal role, viewers can anticipate insightful dialogues that shed light on how equity and inclusion can drive positive transformations in finance and technology. The program aligns with the ongoing discourse on fostering more equitable and inclusive spaces across global sectors.

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