Salmon Secures $20M with Dalma Capital

Dalma Capital Guides Philippine Fintech Pioneer Salmon to a Record-Breaking $20 Million Financing Round

Philippine fintech Salmon's $20 million

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Salmon, with its commitment to simplifying financial transactions and enhancing accessibility to a wide array of financial services, has garnered acclaim as a fintech pioneer in the Philippines. The company’s innovative solutions have been instrumental in reshaping the financial landscape, particularly by providing user-friendly and technologically advanced platforms.


This $20 million financing achievement stands as a testament to Salmon’s dedication to innovation and its vision for expanding its reach and influence in the fintech sector. The capital infusion will provide Salmon with the resources necessary to amplify its product offerings, strengthen its technological infrastructure, and foster its continued growth within the burgeoning fintech landscape.


Fintech is rapidly evolving, driven by technology, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. Salmon’s success in securing this substantial funding reflects the growing global interest in fintech solutions and the pivotal role that technology-driven financial services play in the modern world.


The partnership between Dalma Capital and Salmon represents a strategic alignment between expertise and innovation, highlighting the importance of collaboration in advancing fintech solutions. As fintech continues to redefine financial services globally, Salmon’s success serves as a beacon for the transformative potential of technology in shaping the industry.

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