Fintech Carefull Raises $16.5M for Elder Financial Well-Being

Carefull’s $16.5M Boost: Fintech Platform Ensures Financial Safety for Seniors

Carefull secures $16.5M for Senior Financial Safety

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The funding round was led by New York-based RRE Ventures and joined by investors including Canapi Ventures, Charge Ventures, and Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures. This financial support demonstrates the increasing recognition of the significance of addressing the financial well-being and safety of older adults, a demographic that is often vulnerable to financial exploitation.


Carefull’s financial safety platform is built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology, which includes machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies play a pivotal role in identifying and preventing financial scams, fraudulent activities, and other threats that older adults may encounter. The platform monitors financial accounts and transactions, alerting users and their trusted contacts to any irregularities or potentially harmful activities.


One of the key features of Carefull’s platform is its emphasis on collaboration and communication. It provides a channel for older adults to share financial information with family members or caregivers while respecting privacy and security. This collaborative approach not only enhances financial safety but also strengthens the support network surrounding older adults, helping them maintain their independence and peace of mind.


The $16.5 million in funding will enable Carefull to expand its reach and further develop its platform to cater to the evolving needs of older adults. As this demographic continues to grow, so do the demands for tailored financial solutions that consider the unique challenges and risks they face.


The financial services industry has been progressively moving toward digitization and the adoption of fintech solutions, but these changes have often left older adults behind. Carefull’s success and the investment it has attracted highlight the growing awareness of the importance of addressing this gap and providing technology-driven solutions that cater to the financial safety and well-being of seniors.


Financial safety is not only about avoiding scams and fraud; it’s also about ensuring that older adults can comfortably and confidently manage their finances, make informed decisions, and have access to the support they need. Carefull’s innovative platform offers a comprehensive solution that addresses these multifaceted challenges.

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