Argenius and RVA Join Howden for Strategic Swiss Expansion - World Finance Council

Argenius and RVA Join Howden for Strategic Swiss Expansion

Argenius and RVA Join Howden

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Howden, a global insurance broker, has made significant strides in its strategic expansion in Switzerland by bringing Argenius and RVA under its wing. The acquisition of these two Swiss companies not only strengthens Howden’s foothold in the region but also bolsters its capabilities to better serve clients and navigate the evolving insurance landscape.


Argenius, a renowned insurance broker specializing in construction and industrial risks, and RVA, a leading provider of risk management services, have established strong reputations in the Swiss market. By combining forces with Howden, they aim to leverage the company’s global network and expertise to enhance their offerings and deliver added value to clients.


The strategic expansion into Switzerland aligns with Howden’s commitment to expanding its presence in key markets and deepening its capabilities to meet client needs. The addition of Argenius and RVA enables Howden to tap into new sectors and strengthen its service portfolio, positioning the company as a trusted partner in the Swiss insurance market.


This move also highlights Howden’s dedication to providing localized solutions and tailored services. By integrating Argenius and RVA into its operations, Howden can leverage their deep understanding of the Swiss market, local regulations, and client requirements to deliver customized insurance solutions that address specific challenges and mitigate risks effectively.


Moreover, the acquisition reflects Howden’s focus on innovation and technology-driven solutions. By combining the expertise and resources of Argenius, RVA, and Howden, the company can drive digital transformation in the insurance sector and offer cutting-edge risk management solutions to clients in Switzerland.


Through this strategic expansion, Howden aims to establish long-term partnerships with clients, offering comprehensive and innovative insurance solutions across various industries. The acquisition of Argenius and RVA strengthens Howden’s position as a leading insurance broker in Switzerland and reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional service and value to clients.

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