Jane Moloney and David Holland Lead AFC's Fintech Charge

American Fintech Council Empowers Industry with New Leadership Team

AFC Appoints New Leaders Moloney & Holland

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David Holland, another industry expert, has been appointed as the AFC’s Executive Director. Holland’s career in the fintech sector spans several decades, during which he has played pivotal roles in various organizations, advocating for regulatory and policy changes that benefit fintech companies. As the Executive Director, Holland will work closely with the AFC’s leadership, members, and external stakeholders to execute the organization’s strategic objectives and ensure that fintech’s voice is heard at the highest levels.


The AFC’s decision to bring Moloney and Holland on board reflects the growing importance of the fintech sector in the American economy. Fintech companies are at the forefront of driving innovation in financial services, offering solutions that range from digital payments and lending to blockchain technology and insurtech. With the industry’s rapid evolution, there is a need for a dedicated and influential body like the AFC to navigate the complex regulatory landscape and advocate for policies that foster responsible growth.


One of the key areas of focus for the AFC under Moloney’s leadership will be to address regulatory challenges. Fintech companies often operate in a heavily regulated environment, and navigating these regulations can be complex. Moloney’s deep understanding of regulatory compliance and her experience in fostering positive relationships between the industry and regulators make her a valuable asset in this endeavor.


Moreover, the AFC aims to promote financial inclusion and accessibility by advocating for policies that enable fintech companies to expand their reach. The fintech industry has the potential to offer affordable financial services to underserved populations, and by collaborating with regulatory bodies, the AFC can help unlock this potential.


In addition, the AFC is committed to fostering innovation and supporting emerging technologies. As the fintech industry continues to develop, the organization will work to ensure that regulations and policies remain conducive to growth and do not stifle creativity or the development of cutting-edge financial solutions.

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