Affinity FCU Teams with Green Check for Cannabis Banking

Affinity Federal Credit Union and Green Check Partner to Pioneer Cannabis Banking Solutions

Affinity FCU & Green Check cannabis banking solutions

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This strategic alliance positions Affinity FCU to extend its financial services to cannabis businesses in complete compliance with all regulatory requirements. As the legal cannabis market continues its rapid expansion in the United States, there is an ever-increasing demand for banking services within the industry. Financial institutions that collaborate with fintech providers like Green Check can offer these essential services while effectively managing and mitigating potential risks associated with compliance and ever-evolving regulations.


Affinity FCU’s move into the cannabis sector underscores the credit union’s forward-thinking approach, aligning its services with the changing landscape of the legal cannabis industry in the United States. With more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, the financial needs of businesses within this sector have grown increasingly complex. This partnership with Green Check enables Affinity FCU to offer tailored financial solutions that support the growth of cannabis businesses and ensure their compliance with a web of ever-evolving regulations.


Furthermore, the benefits of this partnership extend well beyond the financial sector. By offering compliant banking services to cannabis-related businesses, Affinity FCU contributes to the normalization of the cannabis industry within the broader economy. The provision of legitimate and secure financial services also helps reduce reliance on cash transactions, promoting safety and security within the cannabis industry.


The collaboration signifies a broader trend in the financial industry, showcasing its adaptation to the evolving needs of legalized cannabis businesses. Financial institutions that actively embrace the challenges of the cannabis sector, with the support of compliance-focused fintech providers like Green Check, stand to meet the growing demand for services while contributing to the normalization of the cannabis industry within the broader economy.

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