Top Fintech Picks: Square, PayPal, Adyen

3 Fintech Stocks Analysts Prefer Over SoFi Technologies

3 Fintech Stocks SoFi Technologies

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Square, Inc. (SQ)


Square, Inc., led by CEO Jack Dorsey, has established itself as a fintech powerhouse. Best known for its popular payment processing solution, Square’s ecosystem has expanded to include various financial services. It’s a darling among analysts due to its robust growth, strategic acquisitions, and diversified revenue streams.


Square’s Cash App, a peer-to-peer payments platform, has seen impressive adoption rates, and it continues to evolve, offering banking services, investing features, and Bitcoin trading. The acquisition of Afterpay, a “buy now, pay later” provider, further solidifies its presence in the digital payments space. Analysts anticipate Square’s growth to persist as the fintech giant explores additional opportunities in the crypto and lending sectors.


PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PYPL)


PayPal is a household name in the world of digital payments. The company operates a vast global network that facilitates online and mobile transactions, both for consumers and merchants. Analysts view PayPal positively for several reasons, including its expanding user base, strategic acquisitions, and partnerships.


The acquisition of Honey, a browser extension and app that finds online coupons, demonstrates PayPal’s commitment to enhancing the online shopping experience. The company is also actively involved in the cryptocurrency space, allowing users to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. With a strong global presence and plans to offer more financial services, PayPal is seen as a formidable competitor in the fintech industry.


Adyen N.V. (ADYEN)


Adyen, a Netherlands-based fintech company, specializes in payment processing solutions for international businesses. It’s less well-known than Square or PayPal, but it has garnered significant attention from analysts due to its robust growth and global reach. Adyen’s platform facilitates online and in-store payments, making it a crucial player in the e-commerce and retail sectors.


The company’s unique approach, which enables merchants to consolidate payment methods across various countries, simplifies the complexities of international payments. Adyen’s client roster includes major global brands like Uber, Netflix, and Spotify. Analysts see Adyen as a promising player in the fintech space, with considerable potential for expansion and innovation.

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