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Virtual Conference: Fad or Novelty ?

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) has left the conference organizers and their audience at a tough spot. They are in no position to curate an in-person conference as the pandemic has restricted people’s movement. With increasing development in technology and innovation Virtual Conferences serves as a savior and is becoming popular among conference audience.

Thus making Businesses across the globe to realize that virtual conferences are far viable than physical conferences.

Given the circumstances, the virtual conference could enact be a game-changer and transit the conference’s business model. Virtual Conference would attract a larger audience from various locations together for networking, marketing, and business purpose.

What is Virtual Conference?

A virtual conference platform allows the audience to attend live meetings and events from the comfort of their workstation. The virtual conference is organized entirely over the online platform, and attendees don’t need to gather in a conference room. Virtual Meetings tools designed specifically for the virtual experience has enabled people to access the meeting virtually with ease.

Unlike a traditional conference Virtual conferences have an advantage over for both the organizer and audience. It enables to save overall cost though still offering similar ROI.

Benefits of Virtual Meetings :

Virtual conference platforms are here to stay for a more extended period for many reasons, and here are seven reasons why you should consider attending a virtual conference:

  1. Ease to Use & Cost-Effective: The audience can save money from it which includes ticket cost, logistic & miscellaneous costs. The virtual platform requires a computer or mobile with a working internet connection saving on time and cost.
  2. Connect from Anywhere in the world: People can attend virtual events from anywhere in the world. And if they miss the live event, they can still access the On-demand content later at their ease.
  3. Ease of Networking: Usually, in a physical conference attendees need to shuffle from one place to another and between name-tags. Wherein in a virtual conference, there ain’t such barriers, attendees get quick access to all attendees, speakers & exhibitors. Attendees can easily share presentations and files online.
  4. Accurate, valuable Analytics: Virtual conference enables you to gather precise analytics about the conference, which is difficult in a physical conference. You can see which session was most-watched, or which booth a person visited and other valuable analytics.
  5. Increased Opportunities: With the cost & time constraint, no individual can attend all-conference. The virtual conference platform enables them to participate in the conference from their workstation or home. With VOD (video-on-demand) feature, they can access the content in a later stage according to their convenience.
  6. Increased productivity and efficiency: Virtual Conference makes organization and sharing of files and presentations easy and convenient. Attendees can easily share presentations and data online, and the files can be edited or revised in real-time. Making collaboration much more accessible and enhancing productivity.
  7. Environmental Friendly: Since Virtual Conferences does not involve travel or physical document sharing, thus let you do your share of lessening your carbon footprints, saving fuel and saving on paper.

With the increasingly busy schedules and skyrocketing cost, virtual meetings can be a great resource to network, learn, and market yourself to your potential audience.

And, if you want to be at the forefront of financial technology & innovation, do check us on August 19 & 20, 2020, for Virtual WFC Money Summit 2020.

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