FinTech Dubai Conference & Exhibition 2019

Theme: Impact of Innovation on Investors and FinTech Ecosystem

Day 1 | Monday | January 07, 2019


9:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Welcome & Opening Address:

9:45 AM -  10:30 AM
Session 1: How Financial Institutions Are Turning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Into ROI ?

Financial institutions are exploring how artificial intelligence decreases costs, reduce fraud, enhance revenue and improve customer experience. While there are challenges, it is time for organizations of all sizes to invest, learn and partner with AI experts. In this session, we will learn how to invest and partner with AI experts.

Moderator: Enaz Ebrahim, VP & Head of Prepaid Cards Sales, FAB Bank, UAE


  • Sandeep Chouhan, Head of Operations and Technology, Mashreq Bank, UAE
  • Jose Graca, Chief Executive Officer and President, Bizmoni, UK 


10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Session 2: Cashless Economies: What will financial inclusion look like by 2030?

This session will create a discussion platform for experts and representatives of the financial services market and related industries, government bodies and independent associations - all of whom care about the future of a cashless economy and who want to understand the options of its possible development.

Stuart Hutton, Chief Investment Officer, Simply Ethical, UK
  • Sagheer Mufti, Chief Operating Officer, Habib Bank Limited, UAE
  • Omar Soudodi, Managing Director, PayFort (an Amazon Pay Company), UAE
  • Enaz Ebrahim, VP & Head of Prepaid Cards Sales, FAB Bank, UAE
  • Asma Salman, Chair – Department of Accounting, Finance & Economics, American University In the Emirates, UAE
11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Session 3: How traditional Banks and Credit Unions are embracing FinTech?

The banking industry needs to move beyond viewing FinTech firms as competitors and embrace the opportunity of bringing FinTech solutions to an increasingly digital consumer. Collaboration can increase revenues, generate new business and enhance the consumer experience. Let's discuss the collaboration scenarios for the FinTech banking industry.

 Alex Lawrence, Managing Director, CrossLend Sàrl, Luxembourg
  • Pedro Pinto Coelho, Executive Chairman, Banco BNI Europa, Portugal
  • Rodrigue Afota, Co-Founder BlockTrust, Tech Entrepreneur & Former Banker, UAE
  • Atyab Tahir, GM - Head of Digital Transformation, HBL - Habib Bank Limited, Pakistan
    01:00 PM - 1:15 PM  GROUP PHOTO SESSION 
    01:15 PM - 2:00 PM NETWORKING LUNCH
     2:00 PM - 3:15 PM Session 4: FinTech and Islamic Finance: a mutually beneficial match?

    As sharia-compliant finance grows and institutions embrace mobile and internet banking, analysts believe that the opportunities offered by Islamic FinTech will become irresistible to the sector – despite its lack of global standards. We will discuss the challenges and opportunities with Islamic FinTech in this session.

    Moderator: Sagheer Mufti, Chief Operating Officer, Habib Bank Limited, UAE
    • Muhammad Salman AnjumCEO & FounderFeelogical Solutions LLC, UAE
      Title: "Islamic Banking in the Era of Blockchain"
    • Sadaqat Ullah Khan, Head Of Shariah Audit, Compliance & Execution, Alhuda Centre Of Islamic Banking & Economics, UAE
    • Stuart Hutton, Chief Investment Officer, Simply Ethical, UK
    • Alex Lawrence, Managing Director, CrossLend Sàrl, Luxembourg

      3:30 PM - 04:45 PM
      Session 5: IoT becomes BIoT (Blockchain)

      The Internet Of Things (IoT) and Blockchain are two topics which are causing a great deal of hype and excitement, not just in the technology circle but it may also overhaul core business strategies in the process. It is being said that IoT needs Blockchain and Blockchain needs IoT. Let's see, how?

       Moderator: Ken Soh, CIO, BH Global Corporation Limited, Singapore
      • Saqr Ereiqat, BlockChain Evangelist, IBM, UAE
      • Muneer Zuhdi, CTO-Head of Global IOT Smart City Solution, UAE
      • Mohamed Roushdy, Former CIO and CEO Advisor, Bank Al Bilad, UAE
      • Vijay Kumar, Senior Program Manager, TiVo, India

      Day 2 | Tuesday | January 08, 2019

      09:30 AM - 10:30 AM Session 6: Closing the Gap: FinTech for Financial Inclusion

      We are still trying to understand the enormity of FinTech and its implications on society and the finance industry. What we do understand is that it’s changing everything we believed to be traditional and static. The digitalization of everything has modified the nature and the trends of our wants and expectations of financial products and services. In this session, we will discuss how the bridge between the FinTech and Financial Institutions is being built...

      Moderator: Mudit Saxena, Former Head of Retail, Commercial Bank of Dubai, UAE

      • Fernando Oltra, Head of Investor Relations, MyBucks, S.A., Germany
      • Mohamed Roushdy, CIO, Bank Al Bilad,UAE
      • Brad Whittfield, Group CFO and CRO,  Fidor Solutions, UAE


      11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
      Session 7: Financial Innovation and The Future of Payments

      The transformation of customer expectations and consumption trends have transformed the digital financial landscape. Nowadays, we the establishment of innovative financial services and products to the market. This session will address the enterprising and adoption of innovative payments solutions and practices.

       Moderator: Brad Whittfield, Group CFO and CRO,  Fidor Solutions, UAE
      • Terrence Chow, Senior Business Development Manager, AsiaPay, HK
      • Owais Manzoor, Regional Head of Sales, PayTabs, UAE
      • Chakrapani Sakhumalla, Co Founder, Kenvault, India
      • Mudit Saxena, Former Head of Retail, Commercial Bank of Dubai, UAE

      12:15 PM - 01:15PM
       Session 8: Security threats and opportunities: Digital transformation of banks

      In the world of finance, digital transformation is creating both opportunities and risks with the adoption of new technologies. While some financial institutions are willing to explore new territories e.g. blockchain, on the other hand, some organizations are still holding back due to a lack of resources and/or expertise. We will discuss what is holding back? What are the security threats? And what are the available opportunities?

      Moderator: Suresh Santhanaramakrishnan, CEO, Sifr Fintech Limited, UAE

      • Rodrigue Afota, Co-Founder BlockTrust, Tech Entrepreneur & Former Banker, UAE
      • Ken Soh, CIO, BH Global Corporation Limited, Singapore 
      • Mohsen Malaki, Founding Partner & Managing Director, Synergy Consulting Group, UAE
      • Ahmed Refaie, CEO and Global CIO, Global Partners Investments Limited, UK
      01:15 - 02:15 PM LUNCH BREAK

      02:15 PM - 03:15 PM
      Session 9: FinTech Wave reshaping the Banks

      Changes in customer preferences and technological advances have pushed large banks to take the lead in digitalization. According to a study, FinTech startups are on the rise and are expected to more than double by 2020. In this session, we will review the growth path of FinTech for Banks.

      Moderator: Vijay Kumar, Senior Program Manager, TiVo, India

      • Khalid Howladar, Chief Strategy & Risk Officer, Blossom Finance, UAE
      • Walid Nagy, General Manager Retail Banking, National Bank of Kuwait, Egypt
      • Suresh Santhanaramakrishnan, CEO, Sifr Fintech Limited, UAE
      03:15 PM - 03:30 PM Closing Notes

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